An artistic bookmark with a difference


We are artists. Many of you reading this short note we penned for you are artists too. You may be quite fine with the brush with a pallet of different textured paints and oils. Or you may wish to figuratively journal your thoughts through the medium of a drawing pencil or nicely prepared charcoal. Many of you that do use charcoal prefer to have the rough edges. Let’s just say, it gives you a more creative edge. For instance, you may be sitting under an oak tree in your favorite park with your drawing pad. With charcoal you can almost journal or bookmark your visual interpretations exactly as nature intended.

What you see right before your eyes, you can transfer to the paper you are working with.

And that’s another thing, whether drawing or writing, like most of us do, the quality of the paper makes all the difference. For instance, many professional writers, those who are specialists in the novel and short story craft, prefer to work with legal pads. These legal pads are yellow in color and there is a sophisticated quality to it. And it makes no difference whether you are working with a gel ink pen – the ink always flows – or a treasured fountain pen – many of us are so nostalgic about this, we don’t mind the ink blotching on the paper every now and then.

But those who are well practiced writers never blotch.

If you are one of those that keep a journal of your daily thoughts, you have selected a nicely bound book and you make every effort to write as neatly as possible. When the journal is completed, with a final flourish across the last page, you seal it and pack it away somewhere safe. Years later, or perhaps within a few months, you will return to this book and return to your notes. There may be a short story or a magazine article within those hallowed pages. That’s just a thought. It can be a bookmark for someone out there who is always willing to utilize different thoughts or ideas into their own work.

We made an interesting discovery online the other day.

We discovered the ancient arts of Japanese craftsmanship. It is not just the Japanese, many ancient crafts or styles have been incorporated into our digital world and into our everyday lives. In the process of familiarizing ourselves with Japanese contemporary art that is inspired by the ancients, we discovered a new word. This is good for writers. It is also good for artists with brushes and pencils. The word is kawaii. And it means simply this. It’s cute.  It is your thoughts and interpretations that count at the end of the day. Whether your style is going to be cute or sophisticated, it is not for others to stand in your way.

If you are going to share your art with the world, never concern yourself with what they think.